Software for People Who Hate Technology

Side Nerd is the only digital product agency dedicated to crafting and hosting text message-powered solutions for tracking and engagement.

We recognize that when technology feels overwhelming, users may shy away from engaging with it. This is particularly true for essential functions like tracking hours, completing tasks, or recording measurements. Our approach is to simplify these processes, ensuring that every user feels comfortable and confident while using our applications.

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For Established Businesses

Beyond Inclusivity: Ensuring Engagement

In an environment where user interaction and data tracking are pivotal, ease of use becomes crucial. By designing user-friendly applications, Side Nerd™ ensures not only an enhanced user experience but also reliable and consistent data collection, which is vital for businesses reliant on accurate user inputs.

Real-Time Tracking: Immediate data collection and visualization
Versatility: Useful for operational tracking, customer engagement, and feedback systems
Customization: Tailored to fit specific business needs
Accuracy: Your dataset is only complete if your least-techy user still logs accurately
How A Side Nerd™ App Works

The easiest way for users to track real time, critical information in natural language on any SMS-enabled device. Secure access to that data for decision-making.


Add Contact

Access any Side Nerd™ App through its defined 10 digit phone number


Text to Track

Text a description of the activity or event you wish to track in natural language


Insights, visualized

Follow the texted link to view your data report in a web browser

Service and Features

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Advanced analytics and reporting are crucial components of a Side Nerd™ App. Whether you need the data visualized to end users in an intuitive, simple dashboard, directly integrated into your business's established cloud database, or accessible via API, we work with our clients to share back the data you need in the way that best empowers users to make life and business decisions.

Hosted visual dashboard interfaces: Show end users and internal stakeholders simple aggregate visualizations that enable them to solve problems, make decisions, and deeply understand the activities being tracked.
Direct data warehouse integration: Build your own visualizations in your preferred visualization platform like Tableau or Power BI; we'll port the data to your AWS, Google, Azure, or Snowflake. Wherever you need it to fold seamlessly into your current operations.
Custom data pipelines: Side Nerd can help get your data into other SaaS platforms on a schedule that optimizes cost and usability.
Custom analytics and reporting solutions: For good or bad, Side Nerd's core is a nerdy analyst who just wants to use excellent data to understand and improve lives. We live for user research and the intuitive dashboards it enables. We're pretty smart when it comes to point in time analysis and insight generation too!

"I am LOVING THIS WAY OF TRACKING!!! I think this will be the first time I’ve ever gotten my tracker submitted on time! And it was so easy to use October’s report when preparing my recent court report."

Debbie McPhillips
Court Appointed Special Advocate Volunteer, Piedmont CASA
re: Ither for Organizations (with advanced customization)

"Some of our volunteers were nervous about the change, fearful of relying on this new technology, but with the customized training videos by Emily and the ability to generate a customized log of their hours within any time frame, our volunteers have all embraced the technology, and we have fully implemented the Ither platform!"

Melissa Frank
Executive Director, Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic
re: Ither for Organizations

"[Our old processes] seem drastically medieval compared to what we're able to do today... There's just no comparison of the value or the time commitment after this adoption."

Dr. David Peterseim
Medical Director, Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic
re: Ither for Organizations

"The responses the app sends to the volunteers are really awesome and actually really encouraging. The volunteers love it because it reflects that they are doing amazing work and what they are doing is impactful and important."

Megan Ferronetti
Clinic Manager, Barrier Island Free Medical Clinic
re: Ither for Organizations

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